The Kids’ Family Tree Book

The Kids' Family Tree Book

I’m always rather amazed that being the history nut that I am, that I never looked at my own family history until my parents were emigrating some 12 years ago.  Once you start looking into the branches of your own family it really does become quite addictive.  I’m aware as… Continue reading »

Family History Friday – getting started

Family History Friday

When my parents first decided to move to Spain well over 10 years ago, I hadn’t realised I was about to embark on my own journey.  Welcome to Family History Friday, this week I’ll share the start of my journey and a few of my thoughts on getting started.  I’m… Continue reading »

Treasure uncovered

Treasure uncovered

I’m getting very sentimental today with my posts!  My Magic Moments post for this week, actually goes back to a discovery 9 years ago.  A bit of treasure uncovered!  When my parents decided to emigrate 9 years ago, my Dad agreed to tell me about his family.  He actually didn’t… Continue reading »