Fireworks or Flowers – My Sunday Photo 261117

Fireworks or Flowers - My Sunday Photo 261117

Fireworks or Flowers – My Sunday Photo 261117 We’ve been looking at black and white plant photography styles in my photography class this week.  These Allium heads remind me so much of exploding fireworks.

Instant Flower Press

Instant Flower Press

As a child I can remember staying with my Auntie for the week.  We got up to all sorts of adventures and one was pressing flowers.  I think it was the first time I’d ever tried it, we’d been for a walk and picked wild flowers and grasses along the… Continue reading »

Hearts and Flowers crafts with Baker Ross

Baker Ross Heart Lantern

With Valentines Day closely followed by Mothers Day and Granny’s birthday it all been about Hearts and Flowers crafts with Baker Ross here lately.  We received a bumper selection from the crafting company and Monkey’s enjoyed getting creative after school. Fused beads kits are a new idea for us.  Monkey did… Continue reading »

FloraQueen flower delivery service

FloraQueen flower delivery service

It’s always nice to receive flowers; whether they are sent for a celebration, or as a surprise for family and friends.  I thought it was time to treat myself last month, I was getting fed up with those dull May days and decided to try out the FloraQueen flower delivery service…. Continue reading »

Polesden Lacey #CountryKids

Polesden Lacey

Now we’ve rejoined the National Trust I have a long list of places I want to explore.  One such place is Polesden Lacey in Surrey.  I’ve seen the signs for it for years, as I’ve passed on the way to visit my Great Aunt.  Never quite made it, but a… Continue reading »

Flowers from Sutton Seeds


I do like receiving packages in the post, the excitement of opening a box and seeing what’s inside.  Receiving a bouquet of flowers that have been delivered to your door always makes me smile.  Not that Daddy P takes that hint on board!  But friends do from time to time… Continue reading »