Stepping into Winter with GORE-TEX #BigDays2015

Stepping into Winter with GORE-TEX

The summer days are behind us and Monkey will be Stepping into Winter with GORE-TEX and his new Viking Eagle II boots. I knew Monkey would love these boots are soon as I opened the box.  Black is a perfect colour for the winter months and will look great with his… Continue reading »

crocs Kids Crocslights Star Wars Jedi Clogs #findyourfun

As I’m of a certain age I can remember vividly when the first Star Wars film (since renamed Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) was released in 1977.  My younger brother and I went to see it at the cinema with our parents.  We’d never seen anything like it before… Continue reading »

Stepping into summer with GORE-TEX Big Days – Part 2

Stepping into summer with GORE-TEX Big Days - Part 2

You may remember my post earlier in the summer, showing off Monkey’s fab new GORE-TEX Shoes and reading about their GORE-TEX campaign. There has barely been a day over the holidays when Monkey wasn’t to be seen wearing these shoes.  He has loved wearing them, they have been comfortable, have kept… Continue reading »

Summer sandals from Daniel Footwear

Summer sandals from Daniel Footwear

I do tend to live in a pair of old faithful sandals during the summer.  Ones that I know won’t give me blisters, are comfy and will go with pretty much anything.  But they are flat, really flat, and I’ve wanted something that gives me a bit of height but… Continue reading »

Foot care with Scholl

Footcare with Scholl

As the sun starts to make a more regular appearance (yes I am keeping my fingers crossed and touching wood as I type!) it’s time to get those flip-flops and party shoes out and get ready for some fun.  Does this moment fill you with dread?  Have you been looking… Continue reading »

Place Sandals – a review

Place Sandals

Summer is here!  Schools finished and it’s time to get my walking feet on as Monkey and I enjoy the holidays together.  I have to be honest, I find summer can be a nightmare for me and footwear.  I have my trusty flip-flops, but sandals, sandals that I can walk… Continue reading »