Ten weeks done

Ten weeks done – #GetGoodSummer

So the 10 weeks of the #GetGoodSummer challenge end today.  I may have been totally rubbish at scheduling posts to join in, but I have a few successes to share. 1. Swimming a length Regular readers will know that last Friday I swam my first length of the swimming pool, and I did it from the…Continue reading Ten weeks done – #GetGoodSummer

Five weeks on

Five weeks on – #GetGoodSummer

So I’m now five weeks in to my #GetGoodSummer challenge. Aargh – not quite going to plan, but we have been busy. 1. Swimming a length I had a great lesson Friday before last.  Things came together really well and I was really looking forward to last Friday’s lesson.  Then the car broke down on the way…Continue reading Five weeks on – #GetGoodSummer

Three weeks in

Three weeks in #GetGoodSummer

So I’m three weeks in to my #GetGoodSummer challenge. Clearly the fact that this is my first update shows I’m not doing brilliantly! 1. Swimming a length Well if I’m going to achieve this in the next 7 weeks, it may well be doing back stroke. Surprising, considering I’d never been on my back in the…Continue reading Three weeks in #GetGoodSummer

Get Good Summer

Get Good Summer – my list #getgoodsummer

I’m joining Clarina over at Clarina’s Contemplations this summer with her Get Good Summer linky.  She has asked us to come up with 5 things we’d like to achieve over the summer, we’ll then link back every week with our progress.  We have 10 weeks to achieve our goals. So what can I achieve this…Continue reading Get Good Summer – my list #getgoodsummer