Happy #spreadalittlehappiness


What makes you Happy? For me, I just need to think of Monkey, and I start to smile, thinking of him makes me Happy.  It’s a good place to be. Having Monkey has bought me sleepless nights, worry and pain, but more than anything he has bought me happiness, like… Continue reading »

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over 40 and a mum to one

Six months ago Monkey had chicken pox and I decided to get my ‘blog head’ on and get Over 40 and a Mum to One started. Then the plan was to talk about being an older Mum and how I coped with it all – never really got round to… Continue reading »

Just the loveliest Mother’s Day :)

Hard to believe that this is actually my 4th Mothers Day with Monkey (couldn’t add up earlier!) – oops!  He’s growing up too fast. So, my day started with a lovely lie in (very rare these days) followed by a cup of tea and toast in bed, and my son… Continue reading »