Vamousse to prevent and treat head lice

Vamousse to prevent and treat head lice – review and giveaway

We’re back in the school routine now which always leaves me wondering how long it will be before we get a dreaded red-letter returned in Monkey’s book bag – watch out head lice are about!  We’ve not been afflicted yet, but I’m sure at some point they will visit us.  But we shall be ready […]

Lyclear Head Lice treatment

Lyclear Head Lice Treatment – a review

We’re now into the second week of term and in the back of my mind I’m always wondering when will we get ‘the letter’.  The letter telling us that head lice are in school.  I know that they are often doing the rounds in school, so I’m sure at some point in time it’s going […]

Lice – at Pre-school

Ok, so I’m normally fine with creepy crawlies, my Dad is a very keen Entomologist, so I grew up surrounded by stick insects, beetles, caterpillars and all sorts of other insects and the like. But head lice have always filled me with dread. I can remember being at work years ago, and a friend coming […]