Keeping kids amused

Keeping kids amused – My Summer Survival Kit

I’m seriously hoping that we get a long stretch of sunny days sometime soon.  It is August after all! We’re hoping to have some of Monkey’s friends around to play and being outdoors is always a good way to keep the peace and ensure everyone has some fun. Keeping kids amused – My Summer Survival Kit with…Continue reading Keeping kids amused – My Summer Survival Kit

Christmas with Wilko

Christmas with Wilko

Back in July I was invited up to London to experience Christmas with Wilko.  Yes, it was a bit of a strange experience, but it wasn’t long before they had me in the festive spirit! Christmas with Wilko this year is based around 5 themed collections – Pixie, Wild Wood, Humbug, Odyssey and the Kids…Continue reading Christmas with Wilko

Planting seeds

Planting seeds

We’ve been busy in the garden these last couple of weeks.  Monkey and I went to our local garden centre and bought a little greenhouse.  We also discussed what we wanted to grow this year, off he went and selected his choices.  So recently we’ve been planting seeds.  We’ve planted peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers first.…Continue reading Planting seeds

Pride of Oven Pride Blogger

Baking with Oven Pride

Monkey will be 4 on Tuesday and he’s been used to watching me cook and bake all of his little life.  He loves helping me to make cakes (what a surprise) and gets very cross if I don’t let him do specific jobs – beating the eggs, whisking and filling cake cases etc.  It’s his…Continue reading Baking with Oven Pride

Playdoh fun, The Life of Spicers

Homemade Playdoh fun

Today’s guest post is from the lovely Angela over at The Life of Spicers who will be showing us all how to have some homemade Playdoh fun.  I’ve been blogging on and off for many years over a variety of subjects. The Life of Spicers is my way of documenting our life, hopefully showing us…Continue reading Homemade Playdoh fun

A trip to the Ashmolean

Fun at the Ashmolean

Friday was Inset Day here, so we arranged to meet up with a few of Monkey’s NCT friends.  We decided on a train trip to Oxford to have some fun at the Ashmolean Museum. Monkey was so excited to be going on a train journey, but to be going on a journey with his friends! …Continue reading Fun at the Ashmolean