Let me introduce you to Paddington – our new kitten

Let me introduce you to Paddington - our new kitten

You might have noticed a few mentions across social media about the latest addition to our family. Whilst some of you might be planning a holiday over the May half term, we will be welcoming our new four-legged friend to our home. Let me introduce you to Paddington – our… Continue reading »

The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten #alphabetphoto

The Alphabet Photography Project K is for Kitten

Week 11 of PODcast‘s linky The Alphabet Photography Project and what to pick for K? Last year it was Knight, but what on earth to pick this year?  I was really struggling on this one and then a certain Brewster meandered into the living room, and my problem was solved! The Alphabet Photography… Continue reading »

Caring for a cat

Caring for a cat

I’m a cat person through and through.  We did have a couple of dogs at home as kids, I loved them, but not as much as the cats!  Over the years we’ve had cats from pet shops, a rescue centre and a farm, and Brewster was born in a stable… Continue reading »

What’s the Story? 30th September

What's the Story?

I’m linking up again with What’s the Story?  This week’s post is all about Brewster, our cat.  I’ve written a few posts about him.  He had very big paws to fill and he’s certainly made himself at home since he joined us last August. I’d had two cats (brothers) since… Continue reading »

We’ve had Brewster a whole year!

I can’t quite believe it, but we’ve had Brewster a whole year now.  He moved in with us on 11th August last year and has certainly settled in well.  My curtains haven’t survived him quite so well, and he had great fun destroying playing with the Christmas Tree. I’ve always… Continue reading »

Happy Birthday Brewster

Today my kitten is a whole one year old, so no longer a kitten, more of a big fluff ball of a cat. We’ve taken him to our hearts since he moved in last August.  He had very big paws to fill, our irreplacable Monty and Roxy were a hard… Continue reading »