Project 365 2019 Week 32

Project 365 2019 Week 32

Project 365 2019 Week 32 Day 216 – 222 Sunday 4th August – Day 216 We had a quiet morning after a busy day yesterday.  After lunch, I headed over to see my brother and his family.  My  SIL’s Dad passed away suddenly on Thursday and everyone is still in shock. While I was there […]

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo

Discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo – AD invited to review

I can’t think of a more perfect day out for us than one that involves, fresh air, animals and Lego.  We spent Tuesday discovering BRICKOSAURS at Marwell Zoo in Hampshire and even a slightly drizzly day couldn’t dampen our spirits. We really enjoy visits to Marwell Zoo, it’s very walkable with good viewing areas for […]

Berry the Elf in 2018 - day 21

Berry the Elf in 2018 – days 15-21 #elfontheshelf

Berry the Elf in 2018 – days 15-21 Day 15 Meet Jingle, he’s Berry’s big brother and he’s come to stay, maybe permanently.  He sings and dances. Day 16 It was never going to be long before Brewster got involved with the elf antics.  A delivery of Jenga blocks was needed apparently. Day 17 My […]

LEGO: Justice League - Collection

Justice League 4 film collection on DVD

As you all know Monkey has been a rather reluctant reader, especially of ‘home’ books. But we turned a corner a while ago with a series of Lego DC Comics Super Heroes books.  My son isn’t interested in normal super heroes, but make Batman out of Lego, and apparently, that’s totally different.  Obviously.  So if […]

Blokpod Lego Storage system

Blokpod Lego Storage system

We love Lego here.  I’m sure most people do.  It’s a world of imaginative play that I’ve loved since childhood and Monkey is certainly hooked on it.  The Duplo of his toddler days is still lingering in the background, but more and more it’s the Lego that he’s concentrating on.  That’s wonderful, but where do […]