Point + Shoot 13th January

Point + Shoot 13th January

Finally I’m linking up with Em at Snowing Indoors for Point + Shoot! Sorry it’s taken me so long. Point + Shoot 13th January – Summing my weekend up in a couple of photographs: Saturday – Wendover Woods – Stickman Trail and Jumping in muddy puddles! Sunday – chilling out at home and a bit…Continue reading Point + Shoot 13th January

365 Project Days 1 to 4

365 Project Days 1 to 4

I’m always taking photographs, always have done since I was given Mum’s old Brownie camera as a little girl.  So it’s about time I joined in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project “A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year!”  So here I am on the start of this daily journey, which I…Continue reading 365 Project Days 1 to 4

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree – The Photo Gallery

My life is defined in two very separate parts – before and after my second marriage!  When it came to Christmas I never used to even own a Christmas tree.  I was always away for our main holiday before Christmas and came home in the New Year.  It all seemed rather pointless to have a…Continue reading Christmas Tree – The Photo Gallery


Nature – The Gallery

I’m joining in again this week with The Gallery, I remembered!  This week’s theme is nature.  A perfect theme for me! We were in Hunstanton last weekend – we went to the beach, more on that on Saturday but I was intrigued by these black rocks poking out between the white (chalk? clearly I’m not…Continue reading Nature – The Gallery

Point +Shoot Hunstanton

Point + Shoot Hunstanton

I have actually remembered to join in with Snowing Indoors new linky Point + Shoot this week!  Here are a couple of photographs from our weekend in Hunstanton, our first trip to Norfolk.  More to come in the days ahead, once I’ve caught up with the washing… Point + Shoot Hunstanton: A weekend of beach…Continue reading Point + Shoot Hunstanton

A Younger Me, #TheGallery

A Younger Me #TheGallery

I’m joining up with The Gallery this week for the first time – this week’s theme is A Younger Me.  Luckily most photos of me from yonks ago are stored away in the loft!  This photo is from 1st August 2004. This was my 10th wedding anniversary (with my ex), we were on holiday in…Continue reading A Younger Me #TheGallery