The Cat Hugger – Living Arrows

The Cat Hugger - Living Arrows

The Cat Hugger – Living Arrows. I’m a firm believer that it’s really good for children to grow up with at least one pet in the house.  I certainly had my fair share as a child as we had rabbits, gerbils (two males that clearly weren’t!), hamsters without even taking… Continue reading »

The Tooth Fairy drama – Living Arrows

The Tooth Fairy drama

The Tooth Fairy drama – Living Arrows.  I have a gentle little soul in this house.  He isn’t particularly keen on wobbly teeth and doesn’t try to help them on their way at all.  He certainly doesn’t take after me. We’ve often had tears when teeth have been ready to… Continue reading »

Not dressing up – Living Arrows

Not dressing up - Living Arrows

It’s no secret that World Book Day isn’t the biggest of hits in this house.  Although, if you remember we did have a change last year when my son went to school dressed as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon.  I thought he might actually be happy to dress… Continue reading »

Joining In – Living Arrows

Joining In - Living Arrows Cubs World Thinking Day

Joining In – Living Arrows.  As you all know, my son isn’t the sort of child who likes to be the centre of attention.  He’s a happy little wall flower.  He’s definitely coming out of his shell a little more in very small groups and with friends we’ve got to… Continue reading »

The Stick Carrier – Living Arrows

The Stick Carrier

The Stick Carrier – Living Arrows.  We’ve had a wonderful half term, full of adventures in some of our favourite places. When I was looking through the photos at the weekend there was one theme that flowed through all the days, not including my son’s bright red coat of course! … Continue reading »

Not holding hands – Living Arrows

Not holding hands - Living Arrows

It looks like times are changing here and my son is taking another step forward on the journey to independence.  He’s not holding hands on the way to and from school.  It started a week ago. He’s growing up, letting go. We’ve walked the same walk since my son started… Continue reading »