A moment in time

A moment in time

I love taking photographs, I always have my camera with me and could bore the best of you for hours with my snaps. The downside to my photo taking is that I’m rarely in any of them.  I don’t mind that too much, but I do tend to forget to take ‘family photos’ with me […]

fun at the park

Being brave

I’m going to be using this post for a few linky’s this week – Magic Moments, What’s the Story? and Small Steps Amazing Achievements as it covers all three really well.  My Monkey being brave. Monkey is not a climber, he’s not particularly adventurous, a trip to the park really means a trip to the […]

Messing around in the Garden

I had intended on writing a post for Magic Moments about when Monkey was very little, but today has changed my mind. Monkey’s Daddy works very long hours and we only normally get to see him properly on Sunday’s.  A Bank Holiday Monday is a special treat as Daddy P is home for most of […]