A family of swimmers

A family of swimmers #MagicMoments

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while and especially if you follow me on Facebook, you will know that Monkey and I are both learning to swim.  I’ve been overcoming my real fear of water since the Spring and was always adamant that Monkey would not share my fears.  So this year we’ve…Continue reading A family of swimmers #MagicMoments

swimming success

Swimming success #MagicMoments

I haven’t joined in with #MagicMoments over the summer, I just had to step back and enjoy my last summer with Monkey before he starts school on Wednesday.  But something happened on Friday night, something that for me is such a huge personal Magic Moment – swimming success. As regular readers will know, I’ve been…Continue reading Swimming success #MagicMoments

swimming progress

Swimming progress #MagicMoments

As you may know I started my swimming lessons back in March.  I had had lessons 20 odd years ago, but I didn’t get far, my fears remained, I never really got there.  So I’ve spent most Friday evenings since March having an hours lesson.  It’s been a shock, I thought I’d just learn one…Continue reading Swimming progress #MagicMoments

Guru Gramps on Display

Guru Gramps on display

If you caught my #CountryKids post over the weekend you will know that we visited the Oxford University Museum of Natural History over the last half term.  We spent the morning on a wonderful dinosaur adventure, went out for lunch and returned in the afternoon to explore the displays on the first floor of the…Continue reading Guru Gramps on display

Project 365 - Week 21

Bubble fun

My Magic Moment for this week is really rather short and simple – bubble fun in the sun. Monkey and I just enjoying playing with his bubble wand.  Something I enjoyed myself as a child, nothing’s changed, it’s still a fun thing to do.  I blew the bubbles and Monkey ran around the garden popping…Continue reading Bubble fun

When Monkey met Granny

When Monkey met Granny

We’ve had a bit of a day here today.  My old PC died a while ago and I can’t currently access most of my photos.  This morning Daddy P ‘did something’ to his laptop and we thought that had died too.  So at one point earlier today I thought I’d lost all access to everything. …Continue reading When Monkey met Granny