Find Another Place – book review

Find Another Place

With a strong interest in my own family history I was interested to find out more about the Ben Graff book Find Another Place, which was published through Matador Books earlier this year. This is unlike most books that I read as Find Another Place is an autobiography, but one where… Continue reading »

The Big Plug – review and giveaway

The Big Plug

I’m always interested in mixing our love of nature with reading and when I heard about the new Peter Grenville children’s book, The Big Plug, I thought we should have a read of it.  Published last month through Matador Books, The Big Plug is a paperback chapter book aimed at… Continue reading »

A Parcel of Pigs and other Funny Tails – review and giveaway

A Parcel of Pigs and other Funny Tails

There are times when as an avid bookworm it’s hard having a child whose a reluctant independent reader.  Don’t get me wrong, Monkey loves books, he’ll happily let me read to him for hours, but getting him to read.  Oh boy, that’s a totally different story.  It’s not that he… Continue reading »

The Frog Who Was Blue – review and giveaway

The Frog Who Was Blue

I’m always on the look out for a new book to read with Monkey, and anything involving animals is always a good place to start.  The Frog Who Was Blue is written by Faiz Kermani and was published through Matador Books not long ago. In The Frog Who Was Blue we meet… Continue reading »

The Inventing Tubes – review and giveaway

The Inventing Tubes

Monkey and I have recently been reading The Inventing Tubes by Bryony Supper.  It’s a newly published picture book from Matador Books, and is the first in the series of A Pasta Kidz and Petz Adventures.  The books are aimed at children aged 4-7 years of age. In The Inventing Tubes  we… Continue reading »

Tales of Harina – book reviews and giveaway

Tales of Harina

Monkey and I have recently been introduced to the first two books in the Tales of Harina series by Joy R Hartley. The first book in the Tales of Harina series is Harina: The Special Girl.  I did wonder if it might put Monkey off that Harina is a girl,… Continue reading »