Saying Goodbye – a book review

Saying Goodbye

November has become a weirdly emotional month for me over the last six years.  It’s always been special because my Dad’s birthday is in November but for six years this month has also been tinged with sadness and wondering what might have been.  In a different world I’d be running… Continue reading »

Moondance – a book review


I used to get a little annoyed when people presumed I had IVF to conceive Monkey.  Yes I was over 40, but actually I fell for him within three months of trying.  I suppose I took that fact for granted, until we were trying for our second child.  The month after… Continue reading »

Miscarriage 4 years on

Miscarriage 4 years on

The sun is streaming through the windows, just as it was then. But then I was lying on a hospital bed and it felt the world had ended. It hadn’t, it had just changed, changed forever, for me and the dreams I had. Miscarriage 4 years on – I can… Continue reading »

Miscarriage Care Campaign #miscarriagecare

Mumsnet miscarriage cares

I suffered a miscarriage in April 2011, it broke my heart as it firmly put a line under Monkey having a brother or sister.  It was traumatic, it went on for a couple of weeks to ‘finally’ lose the baby.  I think about my Poppy all the time. In my… Continue reading »

The Gift of Life – a book review

The Gift of Life

I was contacted by Keily J Adey at the end of December last year.  She asked me if I’d like to read and review her book – The Gift of Life.  It’s a very personal account of her sometimes harrowing journey to motherhood. When the 110 page paperback book arrived,… Continue reading »

Not an anniversary to remember with fondness

Saturday 16th April 2011 – I’d been looking forward to that date for ages.  I should have been going for a girlie weekend away – driving up to my best friend’s house to stay over with another of my friends.  I’d not had a night away from Monkey for a… Continue reading »