Coughing with confidence thanks to Innovo

Coughing with confidence thanks to Innovo #restorethefloor

I’m 48.  It’s a fact I can’t get away from.  I’m also a Mum who had a natural birth nearly 7 years ago.  Parts of my body just don’t work as well as they did 20 years ago, and certainly not since my son arrived on the scene.  Another fact I can’t ignore.  Oh how…Continue reading Coughing with confidence thanks to Innovo #restorethefloor

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie DVD

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie DVD #SnoopyDVD

When you reach a certain age, all the things you loved as a child seem to make a comeback. It’s lovely when this happens and you get to relive your youth and enjoy the experience with your own child.  We’ve had another one of those moments this week as Monkey and I watched Snoopy and Charlie…Continue reading Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie DVD #SnoopyDVD

Pretty Baby

Pretty Baby – a book review

I recently received Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica to review on behalf of the Mumsnet Blogger Network and couldn’t wait to get started on this thriller.  Published through Mira Books, this paperback book does not disappoint. I loved this book from the start.  I really enjoy books where each chapter is told from a different…Continue reading Pretty Baby – a book review

The Wonder Garden

The Wonder Garden

Every so often a little, or in this case, rather large gem pops through our letterbox. You all know that we love books and the natural world in this household. The Wonder Garden by Jenny Broom, also contain beautiful illustrations by Kristjana S Williams, and is perfect for us. Published through Wide Eyed Editions, The…Continue reading The Wonder Garden

Puffin Summer AudioBook Club

Puffin Summer AudioBook Club

Monkey and I have been out and about a lot over the summer holidays so far.  Often that has meant we’ve been stuck in the car together for long periods.  I’m lucky, in the fact that Monkey is quite a good passenger and we normally listen to some of his music CD’s along the way.…Continue reading Puffin Summer AudioBook Club

The Ice Twins

The Ice Twins #IceTwins

I’m a book-worm, that’s absolutely no surprise to you is it. One of the joys I get from blogging is discovering new authors.  I cannot get to sleep without reading pages from a book first; no matter what the time.  I’ve always been the same.  I’ve recently read an absolute corker of a book thanks…Continue reading The Ice Twins #IceTwins