All grown up

So my little Monkey started at Nursery School today.  No big deal right?  After all he’d been at his old pre-school since last September.  What was I getting all emotional about? Getting him ready this morning, seeing him in proper, grown up trousers for the first time – eek, he was all grown up.  Suddenly…Continue reading All grown up

#Magic Moments – a trip to the Library

A trip to the Library is my magic moment for this week. As you are well aware we love books in this house, and reading is something that has always been part of my life.  I cannot imagine a life without books and the joy they bring – knowledge, escapes, dreams and adventures. As a…Continue reading #Magic Moments – a trip to the Library

#my99psummer week 1 with @99pstoresuk

I’ve been given a challenge by 99p Stores – they sent me £10.00 voucher and asked me to see exactly what I could spend it on – this is the start of #my99psummer. My plan was to get something for the garden and then a variety of things to keep a 3 and half-year old…Continue reading #my99psummer week 1 with @99pstoresuk

A bit of paint fun

Last week Monkey finished at his current pre-school and we needed to think of something to give to a couple of the key workers. I’m not a great fan of this new fad of presents for everyone, so decided on making something more personal with my little man. We decided to make some cards and…Continue reading A bit of paint fun

Ryvita – a new generation of healthy snacks

I love Ryvita!  I’ve loved the Original Ryvita crispbreads since I was child, my Mum was a big fan, and we often had Ryvita at snack time.  I am still addicted to Marmite with my Ryvita. Actually I quite like eating them with nothing on them at all! I don’t share – ooops. I’ve been…Continue reading Ryvita – a new generation of healthy snacks

Avalanche Fruit Stand – a game review for Learning Resources

Daddy P comes from a long line of Greengrocers and we’ve always made a point of sharing his family history with Monkey.  I love games, toys and books that relate to our family – whether it be a love of nature or the ‘family business’.  When Learning Resources asked me what I would like to…Continue reading Avalanche Fruit Stand – a game review for Learning Resources