Let’s Bake – a book review

Let's Bake

We are always baking something in the kitchen, you will have noticed that if you read the blog regularly.  Monkey really seems to enjoy it, and I’m happy to encourage him. We were really happy to receive Let’s Bake – a child friendly cook book from Cathryn Dresser. 52 easy… Continue reading »

Lottie and Dottie Sow Carrots – a book review

Lottie and Dottie Sow Carrots

We are big fans of the Orion Books Early Readers as you already now.  Monkey may only be 4 years old, but they are entertaining, short stories and he loves listening as I read them to him.  We will be busy growing our own fruit and veg again this year,… Continue reading »

Where are My Lambs? – a book review

Where are My Lambs?

With a name like Mary you can just imagine what I went through at school. What with Mary Christmas, how does your garden grow? and where are your lambs?  You had to have a sense of humour!  But actually I do love lambs, a sign of Spring, and Monkey loves… Continue reading »

Horrid Henry’s Sleepover – a book review

Horrid Henry's Sleepover

I have a Horrid Henry giveaway running at the moment, and now we have had the chance to review one of the prizes – Horrid Henry’s Sleepover. Horrid Henry’s Sleepover is an Early Reader from Orion Books, written by Francesca Simon.  As regular readers of this blog will know, we’ve… Continue reading »

Blog Birthday Giveaway – Horrid Henry

Blog Birthday Giveaway - Horrid Henry

My blog is celebrating its first birthday this month but Horrid Henry is celebrating his 20th birthday! So we have a special Blog Birthday Giveaway – Horrid Henry set to offer to you today! Orion Star have offered a couple of their great Early Reader books featuring Horrid Henry for… Continue reading »

The First Christmas – a book review

The First Christmas

We’ve been lucky to review a number of Early Reader books from Orion as part of the Orion Star reviewer panel.  Although Monkey, only just turned 4 is not reading himself yet, these books have really held his attention.  We’ve just received The First Christmas by Georgie Adams, with illustrations… Continue reading »