Walking around Brill #Countrykids

Walking around Brill

I’m as guilty as the next person of not enjoying what is right under my nose.  We are surrounded by lovely countryside here and really it’s very easy to get outdoors without travelling a long distance.  Earlier this month we did just that, and spent an afternoon walking around Brill,… Continue reading »

Scooting with Daddy

Scooting with Daddy

It’s funny how Monkey has become a scooting fanatic since getting his Micro Scooter for his birthday.  Monkey scoots to school and back every day, weather permitting.  Daddy P has only seen this new-found confidence from the kitchen window.  So last Sunday it was time for Monkey to go scooting… Continue reading »

A bit of fun in the snow

Someone did forecast ‘heavy’ snow on Saturday didn’t they?  We were not impressed by the lack of the white stuff – Monkey wanted to make a snowman and go out on his sledge.  alas, that was not to be, but we still had fun in the snow ……