Project 366 2016 Week 45

Project 366 2016 Week 45

Project 366 2016 Week 45 Day 311-317 From Sunday dinner next to a roaring fire to poppies, frost and more. Sunday 6th November – Day 311 We’d been invited to have dinner at The Fat Fox in Watlington, and on a freezing Sunday lunchtime, the sight of this fire was most welcome.  We had a lovely meal,…Continue reading Project 366 2016 Week 45

Mumsnet miscarriage cares

Miscarriage Care Campaign #miscarriagecare

I suffered a miscarriage in April 2011, it broke my heart as it firmly put a line under Monkey having a brother or sister.  It was traumatic, it went on for a couple of weeks to ‘finally’ lose the baby.  I think about my Poppy all the time. In my mind, any miscarriage is a…Continue reading Miscarriage Care Campaign #miscarriagecare



What will you be remembering this weekend?  I’ve always found Remembrance Sunday a good time to reflect on life, and feel extra thankful for the special people I have in my life.  It normally falls around my Dad’s birthday too, so I’m always thinking of my Dad this weekend – I’m such a Daddy’s girl,…Continue reading Remembering