Having fun at CBeebies Land

Having fun at CBeebies Land part 1 #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree

On a rather wet Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago, Monkey and I headed up the motorway.  We were going to be having fun at CBeebies Land thanks to the lovely team at CBeebies Magazine. You may remember that I recently posted about the #CBeebiesMagKidsGoFree campaign, offering free children’s tickets to a number of attractions […]

Monkey goes to the cinema

Monkey goes to the Cinema

I think we might have said just once or twice that Monkey is a rather big Postman Pat fan. I’d like to think there is some genetic thing going on and he’s remembering that his ancestors were postmen!  We also have our resident Jess in the form of Brewster don’t we. Monkey has never been […]

Postman Pat the Movie Goodie bag

Monkey met Postman Pat #PatMemories

We had such a busy week during half term, but a definate highlight was when Monkey met Postman Pat last Friday. We’d been invited to a special Postman Pat screening in central London. We caught the train to London and then went on the underground to Covent Garden.  After a lovely meal in Pizza Express […]

Project 365 - Week 8

Project 365 – Week 8

Joining in with TheBoyAndMe and her linky 365 Project  A Photo A Day, Every Day, For A Year! Project 365 – Week 8 Days 47 – 53. Sunday 16th – Day 47 A very special milestone for Monkey, as he finally decided that he would like a bike. Monday 17th – Day 48 The first […]

Special Delivery from Postman Pat

Special Delivery from Postman Pat

You all know that my son is obsessed with pretty much anything with wheels don’t you.  Well he’s been a big Postman Pat fan for some time, helped by the fact we have our own Jess the Cat in the form of Brewster.  I’d also like to think that there is a genetic attachment to […]