Colour Match – a puzzle review

Colour Match

We have some concerns that Monkey might have a colour blindness issue.  Daddy P isn’t colour blind, I’m not either.  I’ve been advised by my doctor that in that case I could be a carrier and it would come from my mother and back through the maternal line.  As we aren’t aware… Continue reading »

Giant Road Jigsaw – a review

Giant Road Jigsaw

I have previously reviewed the On the Farm and Giant Town Jigsaw sets and today I will be looking at the Giant Road Jigsaw from Orchard Toys.  This particular jigsaw, can be used as a stand alone floor puzzle, or it can link with either or both of the other… Continue reading »

Big Racing Car Talkabout Floor Puzzle

Big Racing Car talkabout Floor Puzzle

I think I might have mentioned that I love Formula One before?  Maybe just once or twice!  Ferrari, especially, and obviously I’m building Monkey’s enthusiasm too!  A few weekends ago it was the Italian Grand Prix, how I would have loved to be there, part of the Ferrari mad tifosi… Continue reading »

On the Farm – a review for Orchard Toys

On the Farm

We were very excited to open our latest box from Orchard Toys for the Izziwizzi Kids #Playfest reviews. It’s fair to say that Monkey was rather excited to open the box and find On the Farm – giant jigsaw playmat, a newly launched puzzle/playmat for ages 3 years+, Monkey is… Continue reading »