Meccano MeccaSpider

Meccano Meccaspider

Being a fan of anything mechanical and of mini beasts, as soon as I spotted the Meccano MeccaSpider I knew it was meant to have a home in our house.  Aimed as a build product for anyone aged 10 years and over, I was put in charge of construction of this… Continue reading »

Diggerland Kent #CountryKids

Diggerland Kent

Monkey has been obsessed by JCB’s of all sorts for almost as long as I can remember.  He’s forever digging, dumping and constructing – both in the living room and the garden!  I discovered Diggerland a couple of years ago. But as the two nearest sites were still a 2 hour drive… Continue reading »

#TTPlusPlus weekly challenge – robots

So this morning we were set a weekly challenge by The Toadstool – to build a robot using our Plus Plus. I asked Monkey what he thought we should do – his reply – build a Robot Family Mummy!  When Monkey says that, what he really means is ‘you make… Continue reading »