Project 365 2019 Week 26-27

Project 365 2019 Week 26-27 Day 174 –  187 Sunday 23rd June – Day 174 We headed over to Bicester Heritage to enjoy their Super Scramble event.  The event is walkable from home, we packed a picnic and had fun looking at the different cars on display.  Flywheel isn’t on this year, which is a…Continue reading Project 365 2019 Week 26-27

Project 365 - Week 27 and 28

School Sports Day

Last week Monkey had his School Sports Day.  He’s in the Nursery Class, so they had the first time slot of the day.  Monkey takes after his father, not particularly sporty.  Zero interest in football.  I was filled with a slight sense of doom first thing that morning – Mummy, I am too big to…Continue reading School Sports Day