Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter – time for a change

Maxi Micro T-Bar Foldable Scooter

When we first started looking at scooters a few years ago everyone I asked pointed us Micro-Scooters and their Mini Micro, perfect for a 3-year-old Monkey.  I liked the idea of the 3 wheels and knew that would work well with my rather cautious son.  So one was duly purchased… Continue reading »

Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter – a guest review

Zinc Zycho Black Stunt Scooter

We recently received a great Stunt Scooter, but as it is aimed at children aged 8 years and over, it was clearly going to be some time before Monkey could show it off to its full potential.  I scratched my head and realised we knew exactly the right person to… Continue reading »



Monkey hasn’t really been a fan of wheels, he has shown no interest in having a bike, and rarely used his My 1st Scooter.  Then he moved to Nursery School and something pricked his interest.  Wanting to be one of the boys maybe?  We dusted off his scooter, but oh… Continue reading »

On the move

on the move

Now Monkey does everything in his own time as we’re all aware. But it would appear that peer pressure has hit home – in the form of scooter riding!  We’re on the move!  Monkey has had a Ozbozz My 1st Scooter for as long as I can remember.  He’ll sometimes… Continue reading »