Sharks – sent for review and giveaway


I’ve always been rather fascinated by sharks, I think most kids of my age were, that or terrified of them after watching Jaws!  They are so much more than that film portrayed, and thankfully my son has come to recognise that too.  Sharks is a new Carlton Books publication that… Continue reading »

Please Be Nice to Sharks – review and giveaway

Please Be Nice to Sharks

Whenever we visit an Aquarium the Sharks are always a big draw for Monkey.  For me, they conjure up images of the film Jaws, from my childhood.  Perhaps it was time for both of us to learn a little more about these creatures and Sterling Books came to our aid…. Continue reading »

A trip to the bottom of the ocean

A trip to the bottom of the ocean – We love SEA LIFE Aquariums in this house, so much so, that we took Monkey to SEA LIFE in Birmingham for his 2nd birthday last December.  It was Monkey’s first experience of sting rays and sharks and he was fascinated. So… Continue reading »