Space themed fun with Brainstorm

We’ve been having lots of space themed fun with Brainstorm over the last month.  You might have noticed my recent giveaway for a Space torch and Cosmic Stars set.  My son has been fascinated with space, the moon and stars for as long as I can remember and he loves his Space torch, and has […]

Children's Encyclopedia Space

Children’s Encyclopedia Space

As Monkey is soon to turn 6 and loves factual books as well as story books I really want to broaden the range of books we have at home for him.  I was recently introduced to Miles Kelly when I won Monkey a lovely book all about dinosaurs and I want instantly impressed.  Monkey is […]

ABC Universe

ABC Universe

I think all children eventually become fascinated with planets and stars, even if it’s only a passing phase.  I can remember being so proud of myself when I could remember which order the planets in our solar system orbit the sun.  Monkey has lots of spaceship rockets in varying sizes and loves talking about ‘space’. […]