Power Tracks from John Adams – review and giveaway (sent for review)

Power Tracks from John Adams

I’m very keen on STEM toys, especially as my son isn’t so keen on the reading and writing side of school life.  Anything that helps with his education in a fun way is a big bonus as far as I’m concerned.  Power Tracks from John Adams fits the bill perfectly and… Continue reading »

Meccano Rally Racer – a review

Meccano Rally Racer

We’ve been trying out the new Meccano Rally Racer set here recently.  It’s aimed at anyone over the age of eight years of age and you’ve got the opportunity to build ten different vehicles with the set. The Meccano Rally Racer set is part of their Engineering and Robotics range and helps… Continue reading »

Getting creative with GEOMAG – review and giveaway #geomagworld

Getting creative with GEOMAG

Having an 8 year old son who loves building things I just knew he’d enjoy getting creative with GEOMAG and their range of magnetic construction sets.  We’ve recently been sent two different types of GEOMAG sets to try out, offering different challenges and they’ve both been a big hit here. Both… Continue reading »

Space themed fun with Brainstorm

We’ve been having lots of space themed fun with Brainstorm over the last month.  You might have noticed my recent giveaway for a Space torch and Cosmic Stars set.  My son has been fascinated with space, the moon and stars for as long as I can remember and he loves… Continue reading »

EXPERImakes – Rockets and Beyond

Experimakes - Rockets and Beyond

As my son is starting Year Three next week (eek!) I’m keen that he uses more STEM related items in his play.  One set that combines technology, engineering, science and maths is the EXPERImakes – Rockets and Beyond set from Addo Play. EXPERImakes – Rockets and Beyond is designed for… Continue reading »