Life At The Zoo – AD sent for review

Life At The Zoo

As you all know we do love visiting zoo’s and wildlife parks here.  I’ve always been very keen for my son to appreciate wildlife and see animals from far afield.  We’ve been reading Life At The Zoo by Michael George recently, which takes us behind the scenes. Published through Sterling… Continue reading »

Weird Animals – AD sent for review and giveaway

Weird Animals

As you all know we love animals here and we’ve been learning about some rather strange one in the latest book we’ve been sent to review for Sterling Books.  Weird Animals is written by Mary Kay Carson and is aimed at children aged 6-11 years of age. The 32 page… Continue reading »

The Kids’ Family Tree Book

The Kids' Family Tree Book

I’m always rather amazed that being the history nut that I am, that I never looked at my own family history until my parents were emigrating some 12 years ago.  Once you start looking into the branches of your own family it really does become quite addictive.  I’m aware as… Continue reading »