Five weeks on – #GetGoodSummer

Five weeks on

So I’m now five weeks in to my #GetGoodSummer challenge. Aargh – not quite going to plan, but we have been busy. 1. Swimming a length I had a great lesson Friday before last.  Things came together really well and I was really looking forward to last Friday’s lesson.  Then the car… Continue reading »

Swimming progress #MagicMoments

swimming progress

As you may know I started my swimming lessons back in March.  I had had lessons 20 odd years ago, but I didn’t get far, my fears remained, I never really got there.  So I’ve spent most Friday evenings since March having an hours lesson.  It’s been a shock, I… Continue reading »

Three weeks in #GetGoodSummer

Three weeks in

So I’m three weeks in to my #GetGoodSummer challenge. Clearly the fact that this is my first update shows I’m not doing brilliantly! 1. Swimming a length Well if I’m going to achieve this in the next 7 weeks, it may well be doing back stroke. Surprising, considering I’d never been… Continue reading »

Monkey took the plunge

Monkey took the plunge

Monday saw us back to the swimming pool for Monkey’s swimming lessons.  I’ve been a bit unimpressed with the number of different teachers he’s had since we started swimming lessons earlier this year.  He isn’t a confident child and it takes a very long time for him to feel safe… Continue reading »

Backstroke swimming week 4

Backstroke swimming week 4

I was only going to write the first of my swimming lesson posts, but then I decided that this would be good for me to look back on over the weeks ahead.  So here we are with backstroke swimming week 4!  Friday nights come round so quickly.  I never seem… Continue reading »

Getting to the deep end – swimming week 3

Backstroke swimming week 4

So Friday night was swimming night, I swear the days are just zooming past at the moment. Who would be getting to the deep end this week? Third lesson, third instructor.  Not so great for continuity, we all felt it on Friday night.  Our official instructor is pregnant, and was… Continue reading »