Backstroke swimming week 4

Second week of swimming lessons completed and it was a tale of two halves on Friday night.  As I’ve mentioned before, I did have some lessons 20 years ago, before that I couldn’t even have a shower properly.  We had a different instructor, one who didn’t know me or my… Continue reading »

Poolside Mummy

Poolside Mummy

As you know, our swimming pool has finally re-opened – yippee!!  Monkey and I have been a couple of times in the last few weeks and he has loved being in the water.  As soon as I got a letter about new swimming classes, I was there like a shot. … Continue reading »

Splashing in the pool

I’ve written before about my issues with water and how I’ve tried to overcome them for Monkey’s sake.  He was having swimming lessons at our local pool up until the beginning of December 2012.  He was doing so well, then disaster struck and the pool had to be closed for… Continue reading »

Monkey has joined the Speedo Sea Squad

Monkey has joined the Speedo Sea Squad

As I’ve always battled with a fear of water and only learnt to swim when I was 26 (really do need to go back for more lessons now), I’ve been keen for Monkey to be a water baby.  He did used to go for lessons at our local pool, but… Continue reading »

Facing my fears – water

Facing my fears

When Monkey was born I was determined that he would not be afraid of water …… I have been afraid of water for as long as I can remember, not in all forms I must add.  I can actually drink a glass of water and have a bath, but I… Continue reading »