Sporting a new hair cut without any dramas

Sporting a new hair cut without any dramas

Having written about our steps forward on the reading journey I thought it might be worth sharing our hair cut adventures over the years.  My son actually asked to go to the barbers last week to have his hair cut, that’s amazing enough on its own.  But as I sat and watched him talking to […]


Isn’t friendship a wonderful thing?  I’m lucky to have a number of great friends, but I have a couple who have been very close friends forever. One such friend, Miss A, is more like a sister to me.  We are very close, though sadly not geographically! We met when I got asked to leave home […]

When things don’t go to plan

Yesterday should have been a lovely, family day out at a Theme Park.  The picnic was made, discounted tickets had been purchased, the waterproofs were packed and Daddy P was actually ready to leave at the right time – what could go wrong? When you have children, you’re never entirely sure how they will be […]