Animals #TheThemeGame

I’ve missed The Theme Game for a few weeks, what with our trip to Spain and trying, and failing to get back up to speed with things.  I noticed that this week’s topic is Animals and I had to find time to join in again.  I’d love to write a post all about the amazing…Continue reading Animals #TheThemeGame


Holiday – The Theme Game

This wee’s topic for The Theme Game is Holiday.  Perfect timing for me to let you all know that the blog will be a bit quiet for a week or so.  We’re off on holiday on Friday, we’re going to Spain to spend a week with my parents.  It’s not just any old holiday though…Continue reading Holiday – The Theme Game


Cake – The Theme Game

One of my favourite things to eat is Cake, so where oh where to start with this week’s topic for The Theme Game!  I’m always baking with Monkey so I could have written about that, or my attempts to eat Coffee and Walnut cake at every National Trust property I’ve visited.  There are some amazing…Continue reading Cake – The Theme Game


Glass – The Theme Game

Anyone who visits my house will know how much I love glass.  I have a rather large display cabinet in my living room filled with memories, treasures, presents.  A LOT of them are glass.  It’s a passion I share with my Uncle, although his pieces are rather valuable, mine are affordable items I love. I…Continue reading Glass – The Theme Game

Goodbye little red car

Goodbye little red car – beep beep #TheThemeGame

This post goes back to March last year and is one of the first posts I shared on the blog, this post always reminds me of how much Monkey has grown up.  I’m linking this post up to The Theme Game this week, with Redpeffer and The Reading Residence, two lovely bloggers who I got…Continue reading Goodbye little red car – beep beep #TheThemeGame