Bats Zombies and Halloween #TTPlusPlus

Bats Zombies and Halloween #TTPlusPlus

Well Halloween is nearly upon us and I’m frantically trying to get ready after our holiday.  We will have some spooky fun on the day.  Thought I’d make a start with a bit of Halloween fun – so meet our Bats Zombies and Halloween #TTPlusPlus entry for The Toadstool’s linky. Pop over to the Challenge…Continue reading Bats Zombies and Halloween #TTPlusPlus

Plus Plus Mini Basic 250 – competition

You may remember that I wrote a while ago about a wonderfully addictive product called Plus Plus that I’d found through the great online toy-shop The Toadstool.  There are 2 different sizes of Plus Plus – the MIDI and the smaller MINI that we have, different pack quantities and a couple of colour options.  I…Continue reading Plus Plus Mini Basic 250 – competition

#TTPlusPlus weekly challenge – robots

So this morning we were set a weekly challenge by The Toadstool – to build a robot using our Plus Plus. I asked Monkey what he thought we should do – his reply – build a Robot Family Mummy!  When Monkey says that, what he really means is ‘you make it Mummy and I’ll tell…Continue reading #TTPlusPlus weekly challenge – robots