Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy! – review and giveaway

Wasgij Destiny 18 Fast Food Frenzy!

I was first introduced to the concept of Wasgij jigsaws by my ex-MIL a few years ago.  She’s a master of them, and persuaded me that I really should give them a try.  Well it wasn’t long before she’d got me hooked too and we regularly swap puzzles to try… Continue reading »

WASGIJ The Bake Off and Extension

WASGIJ The Bake Off and Extension

Today is all about Jigsaw puzzles and Monkey and I are following a family love of all things jigsaws.  My first post of the day is all about my sort of jigsaw puzzle.  You may recall that I’ve reviewed a few WASGIJ puzzles before and I’ve been addicted ever since…. Continue reading »

WASGIJ Studio Tour – a review

WASGIJ Studio Tour

You may remember that I was introduced to the world of WASGIJ recently and became an instant convert.  I was thrilled when Jumbo Games asked if I’d like to review their new WASGIJ Studio Tour jigsaw puzzle. With the last WASGIJ jigsaw puzzle I tried, you were making a picture of… Continue reading »

Wasgij Giveaway for National Puzzle Day

Wasgij Destiny 14

    I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, I can clearly remember lots of wooden jigsaw puzzles of nursery rhymes.  The obsession has stayed with me and I’m now sharing my love of puzzles with Monkey.  I only need to look at my Mum to know where the interest springs from… Continue reading »