Destination ideas for 2014 cruises with children

Destination ideas for 2014 cruises with children

I love travelling and once I star working again, I really hope we can show Monkey a bit of the world.  His Auntie and Uncle are currently on the Queen Mary cruising back from Singapore.  I’m not sure how child friendly this option would be though.  But here are a couple of destination ideas for 2014 cruises with children.

In amongst the crumbling historical sites, beachside tavernas and sparkling waves of the Mediterranean, nobody will mind that you have a child in tow. Here are some of the most welcoming and interesting places to cruise around in the Mediterranean, whether you’re a plus one or a plus two.

What to know before you go:

During the height of summer keep your luggage loose and lightweight. The temperature can get incredibly hot and so it’s best to pack light. Also pack sun hats and sunscreen as well to protect delicate young skin.

Weigh up the pros and cons of hiring a car and driving through parts of the coast. This can be expensive for petrol, tolls and parking. One great alternative is to go on a cruise ship, which will do away with the stress and extra cost.

Child-friendly ports:

Here are a couple of great destinations for 2014 cruises that are just perfect for families with young children. In terms of great culture, sight-seeing and amenities, these destinations are all excellent and very welcoming to young children and their parents.

Valletta, Malta

This quaint and pretty capital city of Malta is home to some of the most breath-taking Baroque architecture in Europe. There are plenty of museums, galleries, parks, cafes and the kids will adore visiting the extensive toy museum.

Destination ideas for 2014 cruises with children
Valletta image by Berit Watkin, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

Sicily, Italy

Although this city is largely overlooked by tourists, there are plenty of activities to enjoy as a family there. The landscape of Mt. Etna, forest and sea close-by will capture the kids’ imaginations.

Also nearby is a seaside resort town called Taormina, where locals put on Greek theatre performances in the summer time and there’s also a thriving open air marketplace that overlooks an azure arch of the Sicilian coast.

Santorini, Greek Islands

A thriving historical hub, this area is well-loved by travellers and is also a must see for any family on a cruise. The area is steeped in classical curios, and if your kids are imaginative they will embrace this history with open arms, including the Parthenon, Acropolis and Theatre of Dionysus. After a big day seeing ancient crumbling ruins head to the Plaka neighbourhood for a bite to eat and a spot of window shopping.

Destination ideas for 2014 cruises with children
Santorini image by Pedro Szekely, shared under a Creative Commons Licence

The Mediterranean is an enticing place for travellers of all ages. Use your family cruise as the perfect excuse to unwind and relax, as well as an educational playground where you can encourage the kids’ imaginations to run wild.

Have you been on a cruise with your children?  I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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4 thoughts on “Destination ideas for 2014 cruises with children

  1. I went on a Caribbean cruise for my honeymoon, and although it was very calm, I was sea sick. not something I particularly enjoyed. I did like that you got to visit lots of very different places, and would love to visit some of these parts of Europe. I can see the benefits of going with kids as it is all catered for and you don’t have to worry about finding things for them to do.

  2. Not sure if I’d do a cruise but they do seem to be the one stop, all in one holiday and you wouldn’t have to worry about anything once on board. An easy and relaxing holiday I imagine.

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