Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

When we were in Portugal last month my parents suggested a day out at the zoo.  When they told us that there were no ‘big’ animals there, I wasn’t sure how Monkey would react. He does love his Giraffes and Rhinos after all.  But I have to say, my fears were unfounded.

Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve gets a thumbs up from all of us.

Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

Zoo de Lagos is approximately a 20 minute drive inland from the coastal town of Lagos in the Algarve, Portugal. It opens at 10am daily and closes at 7pm (1st April – 30th Sept) / 5pm (1st October – 31st March).

Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve is a great way to spend some time away from the beach, you could extend your time there by joining in with the timed feeding activities too.  The layout is very flat and access is good for all, perfect for those with pushchairs.  I liked the fact that it was easy to find shady spots and the animals were all so easy for children to see.

Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

The Turtles were clearly enjoying the attention, as were the Peacocks.  None of us had seen their babies before, or an albino Peacock for that matter.

There was a Wallaby Joey which fascinated Monkey as he watched it popping in and out of his mummy’s pouch.

I’ve written about our family connection with the beautiful Macaws, and I’ve never seen so many in one place, as they have at Zoo de Lagos.

The Meerkats were a big hit with Monkey.  In fact before we left at the end of our visit we had to find the shop so Monkey could bring one home with us.  What a novel idea that the shop is conveniently placed so you don’t have to exit through it!  If you wanted to avoid it completely you could.

We found places to stand and admire the Flamingos  and Giant Tortoises, before discovering the Monkey Island area.

You can walk all the way around the island, seeing the various Monkey’s having fun on the island. Monkey got a little too close for comfort to a mother Swan, he learnt a valuable lesson when she pecked him on the hand.  This was certainly our favourite part of Zoo de Lagos, it was so tranquil.

There were a few types of Swan, Ducks and a number of Pelican enjoying the water.  You don’t realise quite how big a Pelican is until it walks in front of you.  Monkey was rather impressed.

A game of peekaboo ensued with the Pygmy Hippos – they were more than happy to show me their best sides, less so, for the rest of the family.

There’s always time to say hello to the Lemurs at any zoo and we even got to see a few wild cats basking in the sunshine, but a highlight was seeing the Bats above our heads. Something new for Monkey to experience in daylight.

Imagine Monkey’s delight when we found the Farm area at the zoo, complete with sit on tractor.  He was in heaven.  There were all sorts of animals from Cows to Rabbits to see.

There is a cafe selling freshly cooked pizzas, burgers, salads and so on and they are all good quality.  Ice cream kiosks are dotted around, along with picnic areas.

We all had a lovely time enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve, and would thoroughly recommend if you are staying in Southern Portugal.  Have you been?

Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

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17 thoughts on “Enjoying a day out at Zoo de Lagos in the Algarve

  1. Your photos are amazing and beautifully laid out.
    When we were in the Algarve we did consider the Zoo but for the season you state at the beginning – it has no large animals – we steeped the children away from it. On reflection maybe we should’ve gone as it’s always welcome to gateway day off from water-based activities.

  2. What a great idea for a day out on holiday and always fun to do a zoo outside of the UK. I remember going to one in France when we jut had the older two boys, they were so lax on organisation and restrictions, I thought the giraffe sticking it’s head through the car window was going to eat Felix out of his car seat for breakfast! It was certainly an experience and I would do a zoo abroad again. I must say this one looks a lot safer and good fun too. Monkeys are always funny to watch and I adore flamingos. I remember being surprised by the t size of a pelican when I first saw one too.

    Thank you for sharing your Portreguese zoo experience on #CountryKids

  3. In spite having no “big animals” it still looked like a lovely day out 🙂 #countrykids

  4. Ooo We love Lagos – went there a few years ago. Especially liked the lack of (British) tourists! lol Never went to the zoo though, so must go back again sometime!

  5. Love the pelican! I actually prefer these kinds of zoos as they haven’t got the large animals to draw the crowds in, can sometimes indicate they are more conservation orientated. Looks like your son had a great time.

  6. Looks like a great zoo, so many different animals to see! Sounds like a lovely trip out in Portugal 🙂 #countrykids

  7. What a fabulous place to visit and so many animals to see (in spite of there not being any “big” ones). Love the peacocks and their chicks, the flamingoes and the meerkats and the macaws are beautiful. Good to hear that the shop was well positioned too – it’s always a bit frustrating when you’re forced to exit via the gift shop! #countrykids

  8. Aww, what a lovely zoo! The turtles are adorable (One of my favourite animals!) They certainly look like they’re enjoying basking in the sun. It sounds like Monkey and everyone had a fab day! The farm zoo sounds great, too! 🙂 Lovely post #CountryKids

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